Sexuality - Sacral Chakra Candle

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Svadhisthana - Second Chakra - Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra candle boosts some sexuality!
It puts a little groove in your move!


The scent is the sweet and saucy smell of blood oranges. The stone is a beautiful carnelian which is known for attracting vitality and joy in your life. Keep your heart stone in your pocket (or hidden in your bra) to feel sexy and beautiful all day long!


  • Hand poured in small batches in Pacific Beach, San Diego
  • Includes a mantra card designed to open the sacral chakra
  • Reusable keepsake glass jar, Soy wax, Cotton wick
  • 8.5oz candle. Burn time is approximately 60 hours

The sacral chakra is located a few inches below your belly button. This energy is strongly associated with carnal desires and appetite. Whether it’s your sexual appetite, your belly hunger, or your appetite for life, it’s important this chakra remains open and balanced. When it’s bright and spinning you feel and look your best! You have the motivation to live life to its fullest and experience all this world has to offer. You do it all with a sense of sureness in who you are from the core outward. Sexuality is nothing more than believing in yourself and knowing you shine in everything you do. Illuminating the sacral chakra will keep you feeling beautiful, energized and complete!

Some reasons you might need a boost:

  • If you are feeling withdrawn, depressed, or under or over-sexed, then your sacral chakra needs focus and attention.
  • If you are suffering from unhealthy eating habits, focusing on this chakra can bring back the energy you need to be active and keep yourself feeling beautiful and complete.
  • Have a sexy date this weekend? Burn your sexuality candle while primping for the big night!
The sacral chakra candle will help tap into and enhance your own self-worth, making you feel sexy, beautiful, energized and complete!