Love - Heart Chakra Candle

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Anahata - Fourth Chakra - Heart Chakra

The heart chakra candle warms your heart with universal love. It puts a little dance in your romance!

The scent is the sweet and luxurious smell of jasmine. The stone is a beautiful rose quartz which is known for its ability to attract love, faithfulness and an affection towards ourselves and our fellow man. Keep your heart stone close by you at all times to attract and maintain universal love.

  • Hand poured in small batches in Pacific Beach, San Diego
  • Includes a mantra card designed to open the heart chakra
  • Reusable keepsake glass jar, Soy wax, Cotton wick
  • 8.5oz candle. Burn time is approximately 60 hours

The heart chakra is located in the center of your chest. This energy is strongly associated with love, including self-love. When your heart chakra is open, you are able to experience life to its fullest. Love flows freely and you feel at peace with yourself and those around you. When your heart chakra is closed, your ego takes over and negativity ensues. 

Ego is the voice which causes selfish or insecure behavior. It is a negativity which can make you feel bad about yourself or treat others badly. It’s what makes one feel like they are right, and others are wrong. Love is the other voice, offering forgiveness, selflessness, kindness, generosity, and empathy.

With every decision we make we choose to listen to our ego or we choose to listen to love. Focus on quieting the ego so you can achieve perfect love, peace and harmony. 

Some reasons you might need a boost:
  • If you have been feeling sadness or pain, the heart chakra could probably use a soothing candle.
  • Perhaps you are seeking a soul mate? The rose quartz and heart chakra candle can help attract the love you seek.
  • If you feel conflict of any sort, its time to clear out and open up the heart chakra. 

Use this candle to illuminate the heart chakra and feel perfect love, peace and harmony.